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The Backroom Boys & Girls

Mr Skeety is very much a team effort, after all no man is an island and all that…

Mr Skeety

That’s me, Mark. I’ve been a photographer for the last decade and away from working with models I sometimes shoot landscapes, actors headshots and commercial photography commissions.

My other work


Dorota (or Dotty) is the powerhouse of hair and make up behind many of our shoots. Her creative creations are often mind blowing in the planning and execution is never anything less than stunning.

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Shoots featuring Dorota


Shane of ZigZag Retouching is Mr Skeety’s retouching genius and many of the images shared have been fettled by his very skilled hands. He’s a really cool chap with great flexibility and we’re very happy to have him on board the Mr Skeety train.

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